Sexy Shapewear holds you up firmly and gives you a nice shape. Younger women don’t really realize how important a good bra is because
they think they’re going to look good for ever! (laughs) But as you get older and after you have children, like in my case, gravity takes a toll!
I love Sexy Shapewear because it’s different than any other bras out there because it’s soft and it still gives you a lot of amazing support!


Sexy Shapewear has no underwire but it has this seamless support! You can tell the doctor who designed it really put some thought into it! It shapes you, instead of holding you down and it’s so smooth and silky! I definitely recommend Sexy Shapewear!


I’m writing this because it's so HARD to find a WIRE FREE bra that's comfortable, that stretches and that doesn't dig (too much) from the weight but most importantly... keeping your boobs up...and I mean up....and off the top of your stomach! I love the fact that it comes in hot pink, itmakes me feel girly without all the makeup that you can’t wear at the gym!!!


Dr. Linder!!! I absolutely love this sports bra! I have never been able to find a comfortable sports bra. I like the ones that I can just pull over my head, and go. Yet, most of the sports bras push me in too much. This one is perfect! It is so comfortable and doesn't make me feel smashed in like with most sports bras. Usually when I come home from work, the bra is the first thing to come off. I actually forget now that I have a bra on! I am going to buy more of these!


Dr. Linder, I can't get over how amazing this sports bra feels. The seams are soft and there is absolutely no digging. I don't think I'll ever have to buy another sports bra. I love the bright pink color. I truly hope Dr. Linder continues to make this bra in more fun colors! I'm a 34C and a size small fits me beautifully.


I have searched high and low for the perfect sports bra that would support my girls! Let's face it, they just aren't the same after children are they, ladies? The straps are so comfy...I can wear this all day and not have any digging into my shoulders. Love this for running as well as kickboxing, or just daily activities! I find this bra super supportive and extremely nice to look at! I LOVE the hot pink and black color combo! It looks great!! Thank you, Dr. Linder..my search is finally over!!!!


I’m a top fitness model, so I run, workout, dance, stay busy and I’m always moving! I need a bra that works as hard as I do. I love that Sexy Shapewear looks really cute but it gives me the great support I need! And the underwire-free support, the “UFS” that’s built inside to give you that support, is so comfortable that it flexes and moves with me, almost like a second-skin. It’s fabulous!/

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