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March 19, 2013

Dr. Linder’s newest line of apparel includes sexy shape wear, The Linder Sport Bra, which has been especially designed for ultimate comfort with great compression for your most vigorous workouts. The composition of this bra varies greatly from the Dr. Linder Bra. This bra has a thicker fabric with double Spandex lining. It is 84% nylon mixed with 16% Spandex which allows for greater stretching during vigorous activities. Sexy Shape Wear Bras come in extra small, small, medium and large and can fit women with breast sizes up to Double D. It is specifically designed by chest wall diameter. For example, 30-32 extra small; 32-34 small; 34-36 medium; 36 and greater is large. Patients have been fit in these styles post-surgically have shown a consistency in sizing associated with their breast size, but more importantly associated with their chest wall diameter. These bras are completely machine washable. Bleach should not be used at any time. Features include the underwear free support which is a band down along the front of the bra in a W-like fashion that gives just enough support to help elevate the breast. The band along the chest wall is soft and is approximately one inch in height which allows the greater durability as well as reduced movement along the inframammary folds. The razor back is extremely comfortable and the stitching is clean from edge to edge. Sexy Shape Wear Sports Bra comes in both hot pink as well as luxurious black with an inner pink lining. Enjoy the Sexy Shape Wear, Linder Sport Bra for your everyday workouts, fitness training and marathon running.