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Sexy Shape Wear, trademark Sports Bra created by Linder Products, is especially formulated for ultimate comfort and support. The composition of the bra is 84% breathable nylon and 16% Spandex. This bra should be machine washed in cold water only and should never be bleached. The sizing of the bra includes Extra Small for women of 30 chest diameter; Small for 32; Medium for 34; and Large for 36 to 38 chest diameter women. The Sexy Shape Wear Sports Bra has many comfort features which include the ultra high razor back which allows comfort in the shoulder regions; the thickened waistband which allows softening around the inframammary fold below the breast; a double-wide Spandex inner and outer double lining which allows for breathability with tightened support and the underwire nylon fabric which allows for an uplifting of the breast by adding elevated support to the fold and lower breast region.

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Lower Banding: the lower band is important against the ribcage. It should fit snug; however, should not be too tight and compressive to the point of discomfort.


Sexy Shapewear Bra was created by Dr. Linder, world recognized international breast specialist, performed well over 10,000 breast implants placed in the last 15 years. Sexy Shapewear Bra is the perfect bra for women who desire the ultimate support and fit for all types of rigorous activities, including running, weightlifting, palates and even triathlons. The most important aspects of a sports bra include the appropriate fit to the bra. A sports bra must fit well. A bra that is either too large or too small will either be too tight or too loose and will not give the support that is necessary during rigorous activities. Women should try the specific bras out. Our determination on sizing with the Sexy Shapewear Linder Sport Bra is determined by chest wall diameter. In general, a size 30 fits extra small, 32 small, 34 medium and 36 large. The bra design of Sexy Shapewear is specific not to cup size but rather chest wall diameter. In other words, a 32A and a 32C will both wear a small Sexy Shapewear Bra. Important components of the bra will include razor back without painful straps. It is important that the razor back material be compressive and tight enough to support the breast during running and rigorous activities.


Cups: the entire breast should be covered with the Sexy Shapewear Bra material. There are no cups or wires within this bra. It does have underwire free support UFS band that will help to raise the breasts and elevate them. The fabric material should be made from a moisture wicking material, something that will allow evaporation of moisture and sweat. The Sexy Shapewear Bra is excellent for all your special workout activities, including running marathons; high and low impact, including Yoga, cycling, palates and fitness training.

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The Sexy Shapewear Sports Bra is the ultimate athletic bra for women on the go. It comes in two luxurious colors, hot pink with black piping, and deep luxurious black with inner pink fabric. The quality of this Beverly Hills Sports Bra includes the comfortable razorback and the double inner lining which allows increased compression during rigorous activities. The bottom band does not dig or cause irritation with heavy rigorous exercising. The fabric is super soft, sleek and extraordinarily comfortable. It is an excellent sports bra to be used at the gym for aggressive workout during palates or even marathon runs. The inner lining fabric reduces sweat, maintains a cool environment and enhances dryness to the chest wall. Because it is underwire-free, it has enhanced comfort ability. The Beverly Hills Sports Bra Sexy Shapewear can be found in sizes of extra small, small, medium and large. When performing any aggressive workout, it is extremely important to have not only compressive qualities of the bra, but also comfort. Sexy Shapewear has both of those.

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SexyShapewear aka Linder Sport Bra, was created by Dr. Stuart Linder, Beverly Hills Celebrity Plastic Surgeon, to help patients both and with and without implants during their rigorous training activities. This includes not only marathon, fitness, Pilates, weight training, aerobics and anaerobic exercises. The most important features of the SexyShapewear Bras include the bidirectional stretch which allows for both compression as well as comfort and support at the same time. Ultimate fitness models, including Amanda Latona, swear to this bra, a spectacular garment, ultimate fitness and muscle training. This bra can be used by women throughout the day for vigorous activities. It is so comfortable, it can also be used as a sleep bra at night which will help to maintain the position of the breast both with and without implants. During nighttime sleep, gravity can still take effect of the breast causing increased skin laxity and causing the breast to sag. I believe all women should wear a supportive bra to sleep. The SexyShapewear Bra has the underwire free support (UFS) that allows support of the breast, but maintaining total comfort at the same time. The double-lined fabric, 86% nylon, 14% Spandex, allows for compression, tightening of the breast, but at the same time allows for stretch which prevents increased sweating. SexyShapewear comes from a line of products from Dr. Linder, including The Dr. Linder Bra, which has been successfully used in women throughout the world for post-surgery, including cosmetic augmentation, breast implants, cancer reconstruction after mastectomy and breast reconstruction as well as for women during pregnancy throughout the cycle and post-pregnancy during breastfeeding. The soft, luxurious feel of the SexyShapewear Linder Sport Bra is equally matched by durability and beauty in its hot pink and luxurious black colors.

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