Finding the perfect sports bra is like finding the right pair of jeans...there's agony, there's triumph and  then there are all the emotions in between. It takes some time to   find the perfect bra for your size and  activity, but Dr. Linder has put together a bra worthy of being described as the perfect sports bra.

SexyShapewear was created by Dr. Stuart Linder, internationally recognized Board  Certified Beverly  Hills Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Dr. Linder created this  ultimate sports bra and athletic bra for  women worldwide. This is the ultimate sports  bra for vigorous exercise, ultimate training and marathon  running. As Dr. Linder has  performed and placed well over 10,000 breast implants in his career, his  understanding of the female anatomy of the breast with respect to skin laxity, volume  and tissue quality  has led him to create the SexyShapewear Sports Bra. 

This is a new generation of products from Linder Products after his successful launch  of the Dr. Linder  Bra. The Dr. Linder Bra was created specifically for postsurgical  patients for compression after breast  augmentation, breast revision and breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. 

This SexyShapewear sports bra is just downright pretty and so comfortable, you'll want to wear it all  day.  It's fitted,  but the fabric is stretchy and designed to pull sweat away from your body.  The straps  are flattering and wide enough  so that it offers comfortable support without the pressure digging into  your shoulders.

The SexyShapewear Sports Bra allows ultimate compression, comfort and perfect fit. It is composed of double-lined spandex with bidirectional stretch and high breathable quality fabric. It can be used for all your sporting needs, including long marathon runs, aggressive fitness training workouts and all sports activities. 

The ultimate Sports Bra


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It comes in the most fashionable colors, including hot pink and deep dark luxurious black. SexyShapewear Sports Bra was created with patent-pending underwire free support (UFS). The underwire free support allows extra support of the breast during vigorous activities, has a soft internal lined band which helps to support the breast. There are no under-wires or irritating wires within this bra. The special designed chest compression band allows support along the inframammary fold without irritation. SexyShapewear Sports Bra is great for all day use as well as training and can be used as a very comfortable sleep bra at night.

Dr. Linder's patients as well as testers raved about the "fabulous fit," of Dr. Linders SexyShapewear Sports Bra, and the fact that they can look and feel sexy, but at the same time get all the support you need for whatever workout plan you may have.
The Ultimate Sports BraThe ultimate Sports Bra